The Rotomaid Egg cleaner is available in two sizes – 100 egg and 200 egg capacity and is ideal for use in small to medium egg farming operations.  Rotomaid consists of a motorised base which gently oscillates temperature controlled warm water with the addition of sanitising Rotosan powder and Rotoguard liquids.

The Rotomaid machine is robust, mobile and easy to use and can be operated from any twin (13 amp) electrical outlet and a clean water supply.

Product specifications:

  • 100 or 200 egg capacity
  • Bucket with an adjustable electronic thermostat to maintan a water temperature of between 35 and 45oC
  • Powerful, low voltage motor powers the base and is fully compliant with both the EMC and low Voltage Directives.  The base is compatible with both the 100 and 200 egg buckets

Directions for Use:


  • Fill the bucket with cold water to the Water Level mark. Plug in and switch on. The red LED will switch off when the water reaches the set temperature. Check temperature using the thermometer provided by placing thermometer in the location hole to the rear of the bucket, taking care to avoid the element. Adjust the thermostat if necessary to ensure correct temperature is reached.
  • Dissolve one level 50ml scoop of ROTOSAN powder into the water in the unit or two level 50ml scoops into the unit.
  • Fill a basket with eggs, the dirtiest to the outside.
  • Lower the basket into the ROTOSAN solution in the bucket ensuring that all the eggs are covered, remove eggs if necessary to accomplish this. Plug in the base and switch on. The base will oscillate gently.
  • After a few minutes, dependant upon the degree of soiling, remove the basket of sanitised eggs and leave to dry. Repeat with next basket of eggs.
  • The solution should be renewed each time five baskets of lightly soiled eggs have been washed. This procedure maintains the antibacterial and cleaning properties of the solution. Do not allow the water to become dirty or cold.
  • After use discard the water and rinse the bucket with fresh water.  All chemicals contain biodegradable ingredients and may be disposed of in the foul water drain when spent.   Store in a dry place.


  • After washing the eggs, allow to dry.
  • Add 100 ml ROTOGARD liquid to the ROTOMAID 100 bucket freshly filled with clean warm water or 200 ml to the ROTOMAID 200 bucket.
  • Lower the basket of dried eggs into the ROTOGARD solution in the bucket ensuring that all the eggs are covered. Leave for 15 seconds then remove. Activation of the base is not required for this procedure.
  • The solution should be renewed each time 30 baskets have been dipped.
  • Clean, dry and store machine as previously.


  • Rinse off splashed powder/detergent or solution with plenty of clean cold water.
  • MSDS Sheets are available upon request.
  • Note: Washing of poultry eggs for sale within the EC market should be undertaken as permitted in the EC Egg (Marketing Standards) Regulations.



Additional Products

Wash and sanitise eggs with ROTOSAN Powder and protect against re-infection with ROTOGARD Liquid

The Rotosan – Rotogard Two Stage Solution:

  • Neutralises the large natural bacterial load on the egg shell, including any pathogenic species present
  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination with pathogens from the surface of eggs into other food substances
  • Quickly kills shell borne bacteria thereby preventing invasion through the shell and infection of the contents
  • Reduces the risk of egg-borne infection of the workforce handling eggs
  • Maximises the hatchability potential of each batch of eggs
  • Assists chick viability and food conversion rate 
  • Reduces the likelihood of infection of the yolk sack through bacteria entering the open naval after hatching.