Originally developed in the early 1980’s as the ‘Oscillating Egg Cleaner’, the first Rotomaid model consisted of a bucket with heater and pre-set thermostat, oscillating base and egg basket. Manufacture made use of conventional sheet metal pressing and forming techniques with hardware finished in a hot-dip zinc galvanized coating familiar to other farmyard machinery and ancillary equipment (e.g. animal feeders). The ROTOMAID trademark was filed in 1988 and the ‘range’ expanded to include a 200-egg option (in addition to the 100-egg bucket option), ROTOSAN egg cleaning and sanitizing powder and ROTOGARD fluid for the prevention of bacterial re-infection. All materials and components were sourced locally, with all manufacturing carried out in the UK.

Over subsequent years a number of modifications were incorporated into the bucket and base designs to improve product performance and keep abreast of EU Equipment and Safety Directives. Significant developments included:

  • A more powerful low voltage motor being incorporated into the oscillating base unit to comply with the EMC and Low Voltage Directives
  • A variable electronic thermostat being incorporated in the bucket away from the main control box to allow variation of the water temperature from 35 deg C up to a maximum of 40 deg C
  • Different voltage versions being developed for other countries
  • Product Warranty being extended to 2 years following the upgrading of gears and motors to more robust units

pcb-board-layouts-webIn recent years, with the decline of British manufacturing capability and expertise, it became increasing difficult to find local high-quality hot-dip galvanizing skills at an economic price and in 2012 the decision was made re-develop the hardware and produce the buckets and base in medium density polyethylene (MPE) using rotational moulding. After the development of new tooling and testing trials, ‘new generation’ plastic products went into commercial production in April 2013. Manufacture and assembly is still carried out entirely within the UK.

The current Rotomaid Egg Washing and Sanitizing System is now exported more 20 countries around the world.